What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a Medicare entitled benefit offering medical, psychosocial, spiritual, and bereavement support services to individuals, and their families, with a life limiting illness.

A team of Hospice Care professionals works together to help manage the medical symptoms and other challenges patients and families face at the end of life. Continuum helps to coordinate all of the logistics of caring, gives round-the-clock nursing support, education, and other resources to both our patients and their loved ones, so they can enjoy their valuable time doing whatever is most important to them.

Contrary to what many believe about hospice, we are not here to help our patients die. In fact, hospice services, and Continuum in particular, work very hard to help our patients live! The difference in our service and other healthcare providers is that we are offering quality of life not quantity. We want our patients to have life that is free from any barriers to enjoying whatever matters to them most.

Our Approach

We give our Hospice patients the highest quality of life by identifying what is most valuable to them as an individual and then doing everything we can to make sure their illnesses doesn’t get in the way. Comfort, peace of mind, and care management are delivered by a knowledgeable team of professionals ensuring personal needs and preferences are met.

Continuum has a high standard of quality care and provides a tailored, personal plan for each patient. By working with a specialized medical team and physician, we develop a plan of treatment, management, and support to fit each patient and family’s needs.

Continuum wants to be a source of strength and comfort for every patient and family so they may focus on enjoying time with each other and not on managing an illness. We offer education, psychosocial counseling, spiritual guidance, and bereavement support in addition to our care and symptom management. For Continuum, Hospice care is much more than pain management; Hospice Care means meeting any need of our patient and his or her family as if they were our own.

Our Team

The Patient’s Personal Physician of Choice and Hospice Physician or Medical Director order and overseas the medical components of the patient’s plan of care. The Medical Director guides and advises the case manager.

The Registered Nurse (RN) and Case Manager evaluate the patient and develop the plan of care with input from the patient and family, as well as other team members. The Case Manager visits the patient frequently to ensure the patient’s comfort and provide treatment.

Our Home Health Aides Provide assistance with personal hygiene, feeding and other activities of daily living. A friendly and familiar face that allows for positive patient and family interaction.

The Medical Social Worker provides social and emotional support for the patient and family. They also coordinate community resources and provide education on end-of-life issues.

The Clergy/Chaplain is an optional service that provides non-denominational spiritual care for the patient and their loved ones.

A Bereavement Counselor is available to provide up to 13 months of bereavement care for the patient’s family. This grief and loss support includes workshops, support groups, phone calls, cards, etc.

Multiple therapies offered include physical, occupational and speech. Other therapists are available in certain cases to help patients maximize their current functional capabilities

Trained and Compassionate Volunteers provide companionship and a listening ear along with assistance with special projects or the patient’s favorite activities.